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Analysis on the Promoting Effect of Sports App Based on Mobile Internet on the Formation of Sports Habits of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.209


Jinghong Guan

Corresponding Author

Jinghong Guan


With the development of mobile Internet and the progress of science and technology, smart phones have entered the national era. in order to better meet the needs of College Students' sports learning and exercise in the Internet era, more and more sports APP came into being, and is welcomed by young college students. Therefore, the author analyzes the functions and characteristics of the running APP, and combines the current school sports and students' physical problems. The results show that the rational and scientific use of running APP can stimulate students' interest in exercise, improve the scientificity and persistence of exercise, reduce the restriction of exercise and improve the consciousness of exercise, and greatly promote the development of students' exercise habits effect.


Mobile Internet, Sports App, Sports Habits of College Students