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An Empirical Analysis of the Innovation Ability Training for College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.205


Qiaolin Chen

Corresponding Author

Qiaolin Chen


Innovation ability, the guarantee of development and the perfect display of individuality and ability, is the basis for us to find and solve problems. Taking the training painting ability of college students as an example, this study explores whether the training will improve the innovation ability in five aspects, namely, the fluency, originality, flexibility, sensitivity and insight of thinking, which is achieved by the design and implementation of painting courses that cultivate the ability of perception, imagination and expression. The research focuses on the research analysis and evaluation in the formation process of innovation capability, according to the thinking mode of forming innovation ability. Interfering the specific variables under the intervention of specific conditions, the study explores the interaction relationship of the key intellectual component of innovation ability, namely, perception ability, thinking ability and creative ability.


Innovation ability, experimental research, creativity