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Innovative Development of Shared Economy in Digital Currency Era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.201


Lisha Ma, Yangyang Li

Corresponding Author

Lisha Ma


Money was born to meet the needs of commercial transactions. With the development of social commerce, the form of money has been evolving. With the advent of the era of Internet, digitalization and virtualization, the form of money will change further. In view of the current widespread use of smartphones and rapid technological updates, as well as the characteristics of virtual currency and digital currency. Looking back on the performance of digital economy and exploring the development prospects of digital economy. By combining the risk theory and regulatory principles of digital currency, the credit risk assessment system from single-dimensional plane to multi-dimensional is proposed to realize the effective supervision of digital currency system. Sharing the generalized effect of credit personalization in the digital economy era. Studies have shown that shared economy is low time cost, low coin cost and high privacy cost compared to traditional economy. The use of digital currency may be easier and faster, and it will be easier for the administrative department to strictly supervise this part of the funds.


Digital currency, ERA, Shared economy, Development