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Risk Assessment of Lead (Pb) in Paints

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.200


Chen Chang, Zhao Qichao, Lv Xiaofei, He Shujuan

Corresponding Author

Chen Chang


Objective To understand the level of lead (Pb) in paints by sampling from Hebei province of China, it evaluated the potential risk to children health. Methods 11 brands of paints including three hundred and thirty representative and typical samples were collected in Hebei province for detecting of migration of certain elements according to GB 21027-2007 and GB 6675.4-2014(neq ISO 8124-3:2010). Based on chemical environment health risk assessment referred to the U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA), the potential health risk was evaluated on the basis of target hazard quotients (THQ). Results The THQ values of lead were less than 1, it had small risk for children in normal using condition, however, the content of Pb was 5100mg/kg and 480mg/kg which was far exceed the maximum limit (90mg/kg) in 2 brands of samples, if it entered mouth directly, it had ten times higher health risk for potential exposure, and the THQ was greater than 1.


Paints, lead, health risk assessment, target hazard quotients