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Study on Jiang Liangfu's Research Method of Chu Ci from the Annotation of Quyuan's Fu

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.195


Qiu Yonglei

Corresponding Author

Qiu Yonglei


The Annotation of Quyuan Fu is Mr. Jiang Liangfu's highest understanding of the study of Chuci. The comprehensive analysis and individual understanding involved in it have always been his academic criteria and basic principles. At the same time, in the process of inheritance and development, Mr. Jiang Liangfu also focused on the study of the glyph, phonology and exegesis, and through the multi-disciplinary and multi-angle research methods to deeply understand and master Chuci. From a macro perspective, the spirit of Mr. Jiang Liangfu's rigorous study, seeking truth from facts and self-breaking in his life is worth learning and learning from later generations. This article mainly reflects the specific research methods of the Chu Ci and the essence of the study spirit from Mr. Jiang Liangfu in the "Qu Yuan Fu School Notes". While carrying forward the traditional Chinese culture, it constantly inspires future generations.


Jiang Liangfu, The Annotation of Quyuan's Fu, The Study of Chuci