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Research on the Protection of Non - material Cultural Heritage of Music in Dalian and the Development of Local Higher Music Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.25


Xiaoou Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoou Zhang


Music education in colleges and universities has an irreplaceable role and responsibility for the protection and inheritance of national traditional music. How to use the music education system of colleges and universities to realize the "activation" protection of intangible music culture is worth pondering. Based on the study of intangible cultural heritage, this paper collects and collates the non - material cultural heritage projects of music in Dalian by means of literature research and case study, and combs and expounds the current situation of local protection and inheritance of Dalian, This paper discusses how to integrate the local traditional music into the teaching system of music education in local colleges and universities through five aspects: professional setting, curriculum system, teaching method, teaching material research and social practice, and how to integrate local traditional music into the local music education teaching system, Improve the quality of music education teaching, improve the national characteristics of music talent training model, to achieve the concept of multi-cultural music education implementation and implementation.


Music, Non-Material Cultural Heritage, Music Education, Talent Training Mode, Inheritance And Protection.