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The Relation between Pop Music and Cultural Construction in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.193


Wu Di

Corresponding Author

Wu Di


The construction of university culture is the main practice way for the construction and development of campus culture soft power. It is different from the hard power input of University buildings, instruments and equipment. The construction of university culture is presented in a non-dominant way and affects all the people who are in it in a subtle way. Therefore, university culture can be regarded as the soul of University operation. Pop music culture is not only the voice of the times, but also an important part of the construction of campus culture. However, due to the generation of folk life in today's era and the absence of historical discrimination and precipitation, sometimes we cannot immediately and clearly perceive the connotation and purport of specific pop music works. Therefore, this paper attempts to explore the positive and negative influences of popular music culture on the cultural construction of colleges and universities from the relationship between popular music and university culture construction, and to refine the criteria and perspectives of screening, and to try to discuss popular music culture in college culture, and the practical approach in construction, in order to provide theoretical support for the development of popular music in the culture of colleges and universities.


Popular Music, College Culture Construction, Impact, Practical Approaches