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Guo Xuebo's Feminist View on Fiction creation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.191


Li Xiaomei

Corresponding Author

Li Xiaomei


In recent years, most of the studies on Guo Xuebo have focused on the interpretation of Guo Xuebo's novel creation from an ecological perspective, while few studies have focused on female view. In Guo Xuebo's novel, he portrays a large number of female images. On the one hand, they are gentle and virtuous, quiet and elegant, and Xiuwaihuizhong. On the other hand, they reveal the inferior meaning in this society with male and male rights as the core. You can see Guo Xuebo's emotions about women's complex contradictions. Therefore, based on the text of Guo Xuebo’s novel, this paper explores the female view from the three aspects of nature, social culture and economic politics.


Guo Xuebo, novel, female view