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Research on the Universal Value of Laozi's Thought in Modern Society

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.190


Ouyang Changxiong

Corresponding Author

Ouyang Changxiong


With the advancement of modern science and technology, society is constantly changing. In the process of change, people's life rhythm is gradually accelerating, no longer focusing on the pursuit of material life, but more on the promotion of spiritual realm. The Tao Te Ching has an important influence on people's ideological realm. As a classic of Lao Tzu's thought, Tao Te Ching has a complex content. It covers philosophy, management, politics, theory, military affairs, health preservation and other thoughts, which can have a positive impact on China's development. Laozi’s thought has been extended since the pre-Qin period and has effectively promoted the development of China. As the successor of Chinese culture, people should recognize the universal value of Laozi's thought on the development of modern society and make full use of Laozi's thought to promote the development of modern society. Based on the analysis of the universal value of Laozi's thought in modern society, this paper puts forward the modern social development strategy and enhances China's competitiveness in the international arena.


Laozi Thought, Modern Society, Universal Value