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A Study on the Translator Model of Shaanxi Literary Works Translated to Foreign Countries from the Perspective of Literary Works

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.187


Ban Haidong, Ning Jing

Corresponding Author

Ban Haidong


Literature is rooted in culture and expresses a nation's way of life, way of thinking and values through literary works. With Moyan's works winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012, the domestic academic circles pay more attention to the effect of translation and introduction of Chinese literary works. It also makes a reflection and heated discussion on who should translate these works so as to achieve the desired translation effect. Chinese culture influences Chinese literature, which in turn enriches Chinese culture. China's rapid development has made it the focus of world attention, but this does not necessarily mean that foreign readers will inevitably like Chinese literature. This article takes Shaanxi literature as an example to analyze several major translator models that appear in the external communication of Chinese literary works. It is believed that with the efforts and cooperation of leaders at all levels and relevant departments, the external communication and foreign translation work of Shaanxi literature will surely embark on a new level. We will realize the goal of building a strong cultural province in our province at an early date and carry forward the great spirit of Chinese culture.


Literary Works, Chinese Culture, Shaanxi Literature