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Research on the Construction of Pathology Online Course Based on Mixed Teaching Model

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.186


Qiuting Wen, Haiying Dong, Xiuwen Yu, Qingyang Bai

Corresponding Author

Qingyang Bai


Pathology teaching has gone through the traditional teaching mode, audio-visual teaching, multimedia computer-aided teaching and other stages to develop into network courses, teaching quality and teaching efficiency have been continuously improved. On the basis of the traditional teaching mode, the mixed teaching mode is applied to pathology classroom teaching. The mixed teaching mode is a new teaching mode with students' active learning as the main part and teachers' guidance as the supplement. Before class, students preview digital pathological slices and network materials. In class, students discuss and evaluate each other in groups, and teachers answer questions and puzzles. After class, the mixed teaching mode shows online review. Hybrid learning is an important way to integrate face-to-face teaching and online learning to integrate students' learning styles and improve teaching quality. The application of mixed learning can effectively improve students' interest in learning and thus improve the teaching effect.


Mixed Teaching Model, Pathology, Online Course Construction