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Analysis of Creative Ability Training of Preschool Dance Teachers Based on Educational Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.184


Xiaoxuan Gong

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxuan Gong


The author discusses how to cultivate the creative ability of preschool dance teachers, and puts forward constructive suggestions, hoping to improve the creative ability of preschool dance teachers in an all-round way. Preschool education has been widely concerned by parents, especially for children’s dance teaching. The survey found that choreography of children’s dance is the key and difficult point in the teaching of children’s dance. Nowadays, as parents' awareness becomes higher and higher, parents pay more attention to art education, which puts new demands on teachers' ability to create dance. Therefore, how to improve the ability of young children’s dance teachers to create has become the focus of current attention. As an excellent children’s dance teacher, you need to have a solid foundation in dance, and you also need to have a passion for the creation of children’s dance. How to innovate, train and improve the ability of children’s dance teachers to create, this paper will elaborate.


Educational Innovation, Children’s Dance, Teachers' Creative Ability Training