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Research on the Application of Mind Mapping Concept on Mathematics Education

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.183


Zhenghui Tan

Corresponding Author

Zhenghui Tan


"Innovative teaching mode, stimulate classroom efficiency, teachers and students grow together" is the slogan of the new curriculum reform on education. The teaching activities under the mind map are interactive activities in which teachers and students participate together. It is a two-way activity of dialogue between teachers and students. It is a process in which teachers and students jointly construct knowledge structure and stimulate thinking and develop thinking ability. In foreign education practice, mind map as a tool to optimize thinking and integrate knowledge, it is very helpful to teachers' "professor" and students' "learning"; in China, mind maps also have a lot in education. Research examples, but only in the high school mathematics teaching application research is relatively small. To this end, this paper attempts to apply the mind map to the "teaching" and "learning" of high school mathematics, and conduct empirical research to provide some reference and reference for future mathematics teaching.


Mind Mapping, Mathematics Education, Application Study