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Research on the Construction of Community Three-dimensional Prevention and Control System under the Perspective of Wisdom Policing

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.181


Xiaosong Tang

Corresponding Author

Xiaosong Tang


In the context of the big data era learning from the development and service model of "Internet + " and "New wisdom+ ", wisdom policing has become the inevitable trend and the trend of the times that can be the driving force of the transformation and upgrading of public security work. As an important strategic deployment to advance the basic work of public security in China, the integrated business model and working methods of community policing have shown insufficient vitality. Under the new situation, the concept of wisdom policing will be injected into the construction of community policing. The prevention and control and maintenance effects inject new momentum into the construction of community policing to provide new development ideas for transformation, upgrading, reform and innovation.


Wisdom Policing, Community Policing, Informatization, Intelligence