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Research on the Development of Cultural Thoughts in the Middle and Late Qing Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.170


Yabo Mei

Corresponding Author

Yabo Mei


The conservative trend of thought in the late Qing Dynasty is a social trend of thought that seeks to maintain the dominant position of Chinese culture in the process of blending Chinese and Western cultures. From the Tao to the fall, Chinese culture with Confucianism as the core is in crisis. In this case, the cultural conservative trend of thought rises. Taking the theory of Chinese and Western culture as the beginning, the Confucianism activities of Kang Youwei and the quintessence of Zhang Taiyan form an obvious ideological process. Cultural conservatives advocate the promotion of the fine traditions of Chinese culture and draw on the strengths of Western culture, hoping to revitalize traditional culture and achieve culturally conservative purposes. This trend of thought has influenced the direction of modern Chinese culture. Some of its ideas about cultural construction and its understanding of modernization still have reference significance.


Cultural Thoughts, Middle and Late Qing Dynasty, Develop Level