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Integration and Inter-textuality—Reflection on integrated Development of Drama and Movie

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.22


Wu Xiaoyan

Corresponding Author

Wu Xiaoyan


Integrated development of drama and movie is the research of drama analysis and influence, and it belongs to the interlaced cultural art of electronic media. In the meantime, different types of language transmission phenomena are analyzed in this paper, and the development mode of drama movie are studied. In the 21st century, art, aesthetics, drama and movie are integrated in movie and drama theory in real society. When local culture and national characteristics are observed, advanced drama and movie theories should be absorbed and the diversity and rules of art rule analysis should be fully promoted. Concerning this, the author makes a brief analysis on the integrated development of integration and intersexuality in combination with practical researches.


Integration and intertextuality, Drama, Movie, Integrated development.