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Aesthetic Form of Costume Series Design with Harmony Principle

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.20


Lu Sijing, Chang Yinghui

Corresponding Author

Lu Sijing


It is an important link to present harmony principle during costume series design in costume design. This paper is based on cultural qualities; costume series design is conducted by approaches of literature method, observation method, comparison method and so on with harmony as principle, and its aesthetic form is studied. Harmony principle presents diversity in costume design, and there are different forms of the integration of unity and contradiction in costume aesthetic. Artistic modeling and creation styles presented during costume design strengthen visual impact of costume design greatly. Application of color and selection of materials are important links in harmony principle. Types, styles and technology serve as a foil so that costume design can catch up with the development trend of modernization and become the fashion front and aesthetic mainstream of social development.


Harmony principle, Costume series design, Aesthetic form, Research analysis.