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Value Research of Individualized Pursuit of Art Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.19


Li Boyang

Corresponding Author

Li Boyang


With the great promotion of the strategic transformation of the cultural industry at present, the phenomenon of mass production of various kinds of products occurs in the process of increasing economy of our country. While pursuing the production of high efficiency, we should also pay attention to the individualized demands of the products. But at present, our country is under the new-type times background of social progress, cultural diversity and the pursuit of individuality; people have clear gaps in terms of the consumption view. Suppose that all the products entering the market are mass-produced, they will not win favor from the consumers. Therefore, in this era background, people's art design requirements are constantly improving. In order to strive for the large-scale market, we must take into account consumers' demands for individualized products before production. In this paper, the author analyzes the influencing factors of the individualized pursuit of art design and the conditions that need to be met, and gives a full exposition of the value of artistic individualization.


Individualized pursuit of art design, Natural value limitation, Value research.