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Research on the Construction of Community Old Age Education Model Based on Internet+

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.128


Xu Yan, Pan Yong

Corresponding Author

Xu Yan


Community old-age education is an effective way to realize community pension and lifelong education. The continuous innovation of “Internet +” education industry has injected new vitality into the community's old-age education. Strengthening the digitalization and informatization construction of community old-age education and promoting the long-distance education program for the elderly is a strategic choice for China to actively cope with the problem of aging society and solve the problem of education for the elderly. This paper starts from the status quo of community old-age education, and combines successful practice cases to explore the application of mobile Internet technology in community old-age education. The community old-age education model innovates the form and carrier of the old-age education. Through the network information service platform, the combination of online learning and offline experience is adopted to make the choice of learning pathways, learning content and learning forms of older learners more diversified. Is a new type of education model for the elderly. This personalized teaching program can reduce operating costs, rationally allocate resources, expand funding sources, absorb social forces, and optimize teaching methods and content.


Community Old Age Education, Education Mode, Internet, Network