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Evaluation on the Development Level of Integration of Industry and City in Xi’an under the Background of Internationalized Metropolis Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.124


Song Liting

Corresponding Author

Song Liting


With the rapid development of market economy and urban construction in our country, in order to meet the development needs of the times, our country has put forward the development concept of integration of industry and city, which is also the inevitable product of the development of the region to a certain extent. Mainly according to the characteristics of the region in which the city is located, through corresponding planning, the development route of the city is formulated. By enhancing the level of cooperation among different regions in the city, improving the supporting facilities and improving the traffic capacity of the city, the development of the city is promoted, and finally our big cities are made to meet the standards of international metropolis. This paper elaborates on the concept and development strategy of integration of industry and city, and analyzes cities’ construction and development in Xi’an based on the concept of development of integration of industry and city.


Integration of industry and city, Xi’an, development level