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Analysis on Physical Training Thoughts of Table Tennis Players from the Perspective of Functional Training

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.117


Jiangbo Liu, Zujian Li

Corresponding Author

Jiangbo Liu


In order to promote the development of Table tennis in the international arena, the Table Tennis Federation has formulated many regulations to further expand its coverage. While the change of rules will also put forward more requirements for the daily training of table tennis players. For example, the training methods must be changed appropriately. Although table tennis is not one of the most demanding sports for physical strength, physical training is still a very important part of table tennis which has a very important significance for the promotion and development of athletes’ overall competitive ability, and can effectively improve the overall ability of athletes. This paper comprehensively expounds and studies the relevant contents. Firstly, this paper introduces the function of functional training. Secondly, the importance of functional training for table tennis players is analyzed. Finally, it summarizes the main ideas of table tennis players’ functional training. It is hoped that the elaboration and analysis of the relevant content in this paper can further enhance the actual effect of relevant research and provide greater help for the development of table tennis in China.


Functional training, Table tennis players, physical training