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Study on the Individualism in American Westward Movement and Collectivism in Chinese Western Development

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.17


Wang Hui

Corresponding Author

Wang Hui


With the increasingly frequent cultural exchanges between China and the United States, it is necessary for us to know the cultural differences between China and the United States in consciousness. In this thesis, the author made a historical exploration of the special period of the American ideology in the westward movement and the collectivism shown by the Chinese in the western development, which can help people to study the different history of cultural differences from a historical point of view. Besides, by making a study of Chinese collectivism and western individualism in a defined time frame, people of America and China could perceive, understand and tolerate various deep structures of both cultures, and have a clear understanding of the customs behind the culture which have shaped their personal mindsets and values. Already-accepted values of culture as a kind of spiritual culture shared by all the people greatly promote the cross-cultural communication among people around the world.


American Westward Movement, Chinese Western Development, Individualism.