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A Study on the Influence of the use of Social media on College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.16


Yang Panpan, Jin Ming, Cai Zhenzhen

Corresponding Author

Cai Zhenzhen


The rise of social media has changed the traditional mode of communication among college students. On the social platform, college students have created the "mimic-self" in the virtual world by managing personal homepage and space to conduct self-disclosure modification, selective exposure and self-impression shaping ", through the" mimic-self "and" mimic-him ", students interact and get to know each other in order to acquire satisfaction on the psychological level. However, the virtual "mimic-self" does not mean "real-self", thus caused the "social media dependence" which makes students fall prey to narcissism, self-pity, vanity, loneliness and other phenomena, it has become a problem worthy of being taken seriously so that college students can achieve mental health. With social progress, the rapid development of science and technology, we can not prevent the development of the network and the popularization of social media, we can only conform to its development, on this basis, how to make full use of the advantages of social media, and bypass its weaknesses is, an important topic of research we should study nowadays.


Social intercourse, Media, College students, Mental health.