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Research on the Application of Hierarchical Teaching Model in Basketball Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.076


Han Kai

Corresponding Author

Han Kai


In school education, physical education is a very important part of it, and basketball is a favorite sport of students. Therefore, in physical education teaching, basketball teaching is an important teaching content, which is mainly to exercise students' physical quality and improve students' physical function. But because of the influence of various factors, students' physical fitness and sports ability will be different, which brings great trouble to basketball teaching. With the implementation of the new curriculum reform, the hierarchical teaching method came into being. In the process of basketball teaching, due to the differences in students' physical quality level and motor skill level, students' understanding and mastery of basic basketball theory, basic skills and skills have been different. Aiming at the two major problems faced by traditional basketball teaching, through the comparative analysis of traditional teaching mode and layered teaching method, the effect of layered teaching mode on basketball classroom teaching is proposed. This paper focuses on basketball teaching and briefly analyzes the implementation of the layered teaching model.


Stratified teaching mode, Basketball teaching, Application