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The Influence of MintReading App on Developing the English Reading Comprehension of College Non-English Majors Based on “Duifene” Learning Management Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.062


Daiqiong Liu

Corresponding Author

Daiqiong Liu


In the era of big data, digital reading is gradually becoming the mainstream learning method among young people. In this context, how to guide non-English majors to develop good reading habits in daily English learning and how to develop students' English reading comprehension ability is an urgent problem to be solved. In response to this problem, the article combines Mint reading app, and explores its enlightenment to the development of college students' English reading ability by means of the “Duifene” learning management platform: English reading needs routinization, English reading requires corresponding supervision mechanism and reward mechanism, and English reading needs interactive platform for communication.


MintReading App, “Duifene” Learning Management Platform, English Reading Comprehension, Influence