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Study on the Influence of Socialist Core Values on College Students in the New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.11


Chenxi Shi

Corresponding Author

Chenxi Shi


Since the new century, with the Internet, mobile phones as the representative of the rapid development of new media, the way of thinking, lifestyle, learning patterns, interpersonal relationships, values had a tremendous impact. On the whole, the mainstream of college students' values is positive and healthy, but there are many problems that can not be ignored and solved urgently. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research on the socialist core values of college students in the view of new media, to enhance the attractiveness and cohesion of socialist ideology, to improve the effectiveness of ideological and political education of college students, to promote the healthy growth of college students, to ensure the succession of socialism with Chinese characteristics Some people have significant and far-reaching significance.


Socialist Core Values, College Students, New Media