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Research on the Application of Multimedia Technology in Physical Education Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.036


Jiang Yong

Corresponding Author

Jiang Yong


With the popularization of modern information technology, multimedia technology is widely used in teaching. In view of the characteristics of physical education, this study aims at the existing problems of traditional physical education teaching in colleges and universities, and extends the multimedia network teaching platform to physical education teaching in colleges and universities. Through the use of multimedia network teaching platform, modern teaching and traditional teaching can complement each other. Research shows that multimedia education technology is effectively combined with physical education in higher vocational colleges. It can give full play to the leading role of teachers and the main role of students, and can stimulate students' enthusiasm and interest in sports learning. Through the training of teachers' multimedia-assisted foreign language teaching theory, the teachers' multimedia skills will be improved; the English teaching methods in higher vocational colleges will be rectified, and the teaching effect will be improved by teaching students in accordance with their aptitude; and the construction of multimedia teaching software and hardware will be strengthened.


Multimedia Technology, Higher Vocational Colleges, Physical Education Teaching