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Research on the Collective Subject Teaching of Piano

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.034


Chen Jingxin

Corresponding Author

Chen Jingxin


The collective piano lesson is a teaching mode which integrates traditional piano teaching, modern science and technology and the form of collective lesson. The collective piano lesson teaching has aroused the attention of professional musicians at home and abroad and started to research and implement. In the new environment of ordinary colleges and universities, the collective piano lesson has been given a new mission. There are more and more students majoring in music education, but the teaching resources are limited, which directly restricts the normal development of piano teaching activities. In order to solve this problem, the piano collective teaching mode is a more effective method. Due to the short-term development of the piano group teaching, a unified syllabus has not yet been formed, and teacher teaching still has subjectivity and arbitrariness. This paper analyzes the current situation of the teaching objects and teaching modes of ordinary piano group lessons through interviews and other methods. Then, they conduct research and exploration one by one, in order to provide effective suggestions for the teaching of piano group in ordinary colleges and universities.


Piano, Group Class, Teaching