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Development of Industrial Heritage Products under the Background of "Internet +"

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.031


Song Fuli

Corresponding Author

Song Fuli


Industrial heritage is an important part of urban cultural heritage. In recent years, with the adjustment of urban industrial structure and the rapid development of urban construction, more and more industrial heritage with important historical, aesthetic and architectural value is rapidly disappearing from the city. Starting from the research background of industrial heritage in the context of "Internet +", the paper reviews relevant literature both at home and abroad and constructs the theoretical basis for the study. Based on the specific conditions of domestic old industrial cities, starting from the integrity of urban industrial heritage and systemic protection, the analytic hierarchy process is used to construct the industrial heritage cultural and creative industry evaluation index system, and the social questionnaire and expert scoring method are used to adjust the indicators and assign the index weights, identify the main factors affecting the development of industrial heritage cultural and creative industries and elaborate on them. The unique value of a typical park's industrial heritage can be condensed, transformed and utilized. Condensed and transformed industrial elements and industrial brands can guide the cultural and creative industry value chain of the park.


Internet +, Industrial heritage, Cultural and creative products