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Research on the Construction Path of the First-class Major of Journalism in Shaanxi Universities under the Concept of Educational Certification

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.028


Fang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Fang Zhang


The major of journalism has been a little unpopular in recent year. With the development of network technology and new media technology, the admission score of journalism is increasing day by day. The development of news communication industry is more vigorous, and the professional requirement of news talents with new media literacy is higher. In the future, the gap of high-quality journalism talents is very big. However, the competition for talents in China’s journalism industry has been fierce since China joined the World Trade Organization, the employment of journalism majors in recent years is not optimistic, and even the cities with developed media industry are showing a downward trend of employment rate. Therefore, colleges and universities need to speed up the reform and innovation of journalism. Based on the concept of education certification, this paper studies the construction path of first-class journalism major in Shaanxi colleges and universities.


Higher Vocational Colleges, English, Informatization, Teaching Model,