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Study on the Path of Multi-dimensional Construction of Characteristic Courses in Private Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Applied Curriculum Reformation--Taking Commercial Specialty as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.027


Fengxiang Jiang

Corresponding Author

Fengxiang Jiang


Private colleges and universities face fierce competition, private colleges and universities need in-depth transformation and development in the new era. Combined with the orientation of technical application in private colleges and universities, this paper mainly looks for the thinking of the construction of applied characteristic courses in private colleges and universities from the factors that affect the construction of the course system of commercial specialty. Private colleges and universities need to keep up with the reform of talent training mode, according to the professional ability requirements of commercial specialty, decompose the professional ability into several competency modules, and set up curriculum group according to the ability module. It is helpful to realize the successful transformation of private colleges and universities by actively exploring the construction system of applied characteristic courses for commercial specialty, innovating the training mode of commercial talents, promoting the classroom revolution and improving the teaching quality of commercial specialty education.


Application-oriented courses, private colleges and universities, characteristic courses, multi-dimensional construction