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The Application of "Virtual Reality + Education" in College Practical Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.025


Chen Zhan, Xiao Yu, Yonghui Wu, Jinming Zheng

Corresponding Author

Chen Zhan


"Virtual Reality + Education" provides students with virtual simulation experimental environment with its virtuality, immersion and experience, which can improve the learning effectiveness and learning enthusiasm of students. Due to the constraints of conditions, some experiments with high risk and high experimental equipment prices cannot be carried out effectively in the college practical teaching. How to break the bottleneck of practical teaching in colleges and universities, and improve the effectiveness of college teaching through "virtual reality + education" is urgent and imminent. Taking the current situation of college practical teaching as starting point, this paper discusses and researches the feasibility and effectiveness of the application of "virtual reality + education" in college practical teaching combining with the development of virtual reality technology. It is expected to provide reference for the academic research and practical application of the emerging field "virtual reality + education" in the future.


Virtual Reality Technology, Virtual Reality + Education, Practical Teaching, Virtual Simulation Experiment, Immersion