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Research on Visual Communication Theory under Digital Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.020


Weijun Zang

Corresponding Author

Weijun Zang


In today's era, the content and form of visual communication design are influenced by the continuous development of science and technology and the visual culture communication of new media characteristics. In view of the information dissemination characteristics, visual language characteristics and aesthetic features of visual communication design in new media, this paper makes in-depth analysis. Through the study of the new media visual communication design of two-way interaction, cross-media integration and personalized communication of information dissemination, and the new material features of the new media technology, the non-material, multi-dimensional, dynamic, and interactive visual communication, research shows that the application of computer digital technology in visual communication design has once again brought revolutionary changes to art design. It is the perfect blend of technology and art. The design elements and other aspects have the same theoretical basis as traditional visual communication design. At the same time, they have distinct aesthetic and formal characteristics in terms of communication means and visual language.


Digital technology, Vision, Communication