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Research on the Composition and Cultivation of English Translation Technology Ability in the Age of Data

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.016


Rui Han, Yanlin Yin

Corresponding Author

Rui Han


With the deepening of the informationization process in the translation industry, translation technology capabilities have become an important feature of modern professional translators. This paper first analyzes the technical characteristics of translation work in the context of data age, examines the research and teaching status of translation technology capabilities at home and abroad, and then focuses on the components of translation technology capabilities, with a view to clearing the source and getting rid of the misunderstandings of current translation technology teaching in colleges and universities; Finally, it discusses the effective integration of translation technology ability and traditional translation ability in college translation education, and calls for the construction of a benign and harmonious translation talent training system.


Construction and Cultivation, English Translation, Data Age