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The Analysis on the Causes of Irrational Public Opinion in Network from the Perspectives of Individual Rationality and Public Rationality

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.07


Yang Lan

Corresponding Author

Yang Lan


In this burst period of social transformation and contradictions, the freshness and variability of social life often leads to the lags and failures of norms. At this point, the public opinions in the network era is highly performed as the public opinion in network, which has become a reflection of important and direct carrier of public demand for justice. It brings so tremendous impact to political, economic, social that it is particularly important to research, control and guide the public opinion in network. Although many scholars have paid attention to it, there are still some shortcomings in this study, such as overly underestimating the rationality of Netizens, and ascribing most of the irrational expression to the emotional expression. Given this, this paper attempts to interpret the causes of irrational public opinion from two new perspectives---individual rationality and public rationality, and to expound the relationship between the two and irrational public opinion.


Irrational Public Opinion Individual Rationality Public Rationality