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Research of Education Technology based on Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.009


Han Wang, Changqi Li

Corresponding Author

Han Wang


Education informatization is an important part of China's education reform and development. At present, the development of education informatization in China is in the stage of important strategic opportunities. Objectively evaluating the development level of education informatization in China has important practical significance for accurately grasping the focus of follow-up work. Based on the national education development strategy demand and its clear requirements for the core indicators of education informationization, this research aims to propose a set of macro-general education informationization core index system, in order to provide a scientific, reliable and practical basis for evaluation for the healthy and sustainable development of education informationization in China. Through domestic and foreign literature research, it aims to refine important indicators, analyze the policy development of new development indicators, after several rounds of expert survey feedback, form a core five-dimensional index system including infrastructure, digital education resources, teaching and learning applications, management information, and security system.


Education Technology, Information Technology, Education Resource