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Research on Enterprise Economic Management Innovation under the New Situation of Value Management

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.005


Wanjuan Ding

Corresponding Author

Wanjuan Ding


Innovation is the soul of enterprise development and the foundation of enterprise sustainable development. Firstly, the author discusses the significance of the innovation and reform of enterprise economic management, and then puts forward some strategies of enterprise economic management innovation based on the new situation, taking the current situation of enterprise economic management as the breakthrough point. The research shows that if enterprises want to stand in the increasingly fierce market competition, they must manage their internal economy reasonably and effectively, and constantly study new methods to adapt to the changing external economic development environment. Therefore, enterprises must not be eliminated in the fierce market competition, but only think about changes and innovate economic management policies. However, many companies now have many shortcomings in economic management innovation. In response to these problems, the author explores four strategies for enterprise economic management innovation: one is to innovate the enterprise economic management concept, the other is to improve the enterprise economic management system, the third is to build a corporate economic management team, and the fourth is to strengthen internal control and supervision. Furthermore, it is known that enterprises must strive to innovate if they want to survive in this fierce competition and realize their own value.


Value Management, New Situation Enterprises, Economic Management Innovation