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National Salvation through Medicine: Sichuan Provincial Health Bureau and the Allocation of Medical Resources Donated by American Red Cross-A Case Study of Chengdu during Anti-Japanese War

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.06


Shiqi Yu

Corresponding Author

Shiqi Yu


After the Anti-Japanese War broke out, the strategic position of Sichuan Province was established. In order to consolidate the rear area, to train a large number of medical personnel and strive for victory, the national government began to pay attention to the medical and health undertakings of Sichuan province. During wartime, there were acute shortages in medical supplies. Medical equipment and medicines donated by American Red Cross were important resources for the war of resistance, and played an important role in the rescue of sick and wounded. Sichuan Provincial Health Bureau had the power to allocate these medical resources. In Chengdu, about 100 units submitted applications for medical assistance. When distributing medical devices and medicines, the Health Bureau not only paid attention to their actual needs, but also considered the actual storage situation. Though overall planning, Sichuan Provincial Health Bureau provided all units in Chengdu with different medical and health recourses, and helped them to prevent diseases and cure patients.


Anti-Japanese War, American Red Cross, medical resources allocation.