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Analysis on the Construction of Accounting Practice Teaching System for Training Applied Accounting Talents in Colleges and Universities Based on the Innovation of Industry-University-Research Cooperative Education

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.004


Yangyang Li, Lisha Ma

Corresponding Author

Lisha Ma


The lack of output of accounting talents in colleges and universities responds to the needs of the industry, explores the role of industry associations' professional competence standards system and innovative cooperative education model of industry, university and research. In combination with the practice of regional industry-university-research cooperation in colleges and universities, it explores the sharing of instruments and equipment, the sharing of accounting and accounting talent resources, the guidance and encouragement of enterprises to establish scholarships, the construction of scientific research platforms, the orientation of enterprises to cultivate accounting talents and joint internship training. Ways and methods. The ideas and methods of scientific research cooperation, disciplines, instruments and accounting personnel training in colleges and universities are put forward. In order to achieve the basic goal of training innovative accounting talents in local colleges and universities, we should optimize the training mechanism of cooperative education of production, learning and research in local colleges and universities from the aspects of optimizing the government's promotion function, improving the curriculum guarantee of cooperative education of production, learning and research, and strengthening the construction of teachers.


Industry, University and Research, Educational Innovation, Training of Applied Accounting Talents