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A Comparative Study of Death and Human Consciousness Reflected by Small Characters in Gui Zi and O. Henry’s works

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.073


Lijuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lijuan Zhang


O. Henry, one of the world’s three major short story giants, whose works covers a wide range of themes, is good at express the connotation of tragedy in the form of comedy, to eulogize the glory of human nature. He grew up in the times greatly impacted by American civil war and the second industrial revolution. Death and human nature is one of the most obvious characteristics of O. Henry’s works. Gui Zi, whose real name is Liao Runbo, one of the three swordsmen in Guangxi literary circle. His works are full of tragic consciousness, most of which focus on “little people”, and express the importance of human consciousness by depicting the social life and death consciousness of small characters at the bottom of society.


Gui Zi, O Henry, Small Characters, Death, Humanity