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Research on the Permeation of Emotional Ideas in Visual Communication Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.069


Wang Haiyan

Corresponding Author

Wang Haiyan


In modern design works, the main trend of development is the expression of emotions. Visual communication design is the most close to people's life in today's design. It mainly relies on vision to convey the emotions related to the design. At the same time, visual communication design plays an important role in guiding people to think about life aesthetics and social aesthetics. In the future development of the design industry, the humanization and emotionalization of visual communication design is an inevitable trend. Infiltrating emotions in visual communication design works is the main goal of designers, enhancing the visual impact of design works, making the works more soul-rich. In this paper, the way of penetrating emotional ideas in visual communication design is briefly discussed and analyzed.


Visual Communication Design, Permeation, Emotional Ideas