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Revealing on Miao Witch culture-----Citing psychology to analysis Miao Witch Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.01


Fei Wang

Corresponding Author

Fei Wang


Miao family make ancestor worship as the core, combined with natural worship, more god worship, totem worship and other primitive religion, and based on these primitive belief system, rich the birth of the Miao witch culture. In recent years, scholars have studied the Miao-witch culture has been fruitful. This paper first introduces the historical background of the Miao people, and gradually analyzes the common non - association thinking and Jung 's unconscious theory in the Miao' s witch culture from the literary creation, and further reveals the mystery of the Miao 's witch culture from the psychological level.


Miao witch culture, psychology, unconscious theory,non - association thinking.