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Extraction and Use of Chinese Traditional Auspicious Patterns in Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.055


Yan Weina

Corresponding Author

Yan Weina


China has been a country with abundant cultural connotations since ancient times. In the long history of development and accumulation, China has formed its own unique cultural achievements. For example, Chinese traditional shadow play, ceramic craft culture, sculpture culture, paper-cut culture, drama culture and traditional auspicious patterns are precious achievements of Chinese traditional art. Chinese traditional auspicious patterns, which have been continuously inherited and developed, still have their unique attraction in the development of the current era. Therefore, it is necessary to cherish these extremely valuable achievements, and constantly explore scientific and effective strategies to apply them to the development of today's era, highlighting the broad, profound and colorful Chinese culture. This paper is based on the extraction and use of Chinese traditional auspicious patterns in the design of a detailed analysis and discussion, for promoting the integration of Chinese traditional culture and today's design has extremely important reference value.


Chinese Traditional Auspicious Patterns, Design, Refinement and Use