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An Analysis of the Image of Beauty in Three Kingdoms

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.053


Fu Jia

Corresponding Author

Fu Jia


Three Kingdoms is one of the four classic novels of Chinese literature. It not only affects generations of Chinese, but also is translated into various languages and spread into a lot of countries. From the perspective of literary thought, Three Kingdoms has a high literary connotation. Moreover, the image of beauty in this work is also a very important characteristic. Its relatively complete narrative structure and magnificent story content present the image of beauty from both structure and content. Therefore, it is positively significant to analyze the image of beauty in this work. On the one hand, it helps to train the aesthetic ideas of contemporary students, so that they can establish correct aesthetic concepts; on the other hand, it can enrich students' thinking, make them face learning with positive thinking and have confidence in life, which is very beneficial for them.


Three Kingdoms, Aesthetic, Image