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Classical Reading Research and Promotion Strategies from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.044


Hui Pan

Corresponding Author

Hui Pan


Cultural confidence is a country, a nation and a political party's full affirmation of their own cultural value, firm belief in their own cultural vitality, the inheritance and innovation of excellent traditional culture are urgent problems to be considered and solved, and strengthening the reading of classical works is an effective way to enhance our cultural self-confidence. The research first elaborates the concept of cultural confidence and its core content, then analyses the connotation of classics and the value of classical reading, points out that reading classics is an effective way to enhance cultural confidence, and puts forward the strategies of classical reading promotion from the perspective of cultural confidence from three aspects: promotion methods, promotion mechanism and team building.


Cultural Confidence, Classic Reading, Classic Reading Promotion