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The Influence of Lu Xun's "Hard Translation" Concept on the Transformation of Modern Chinese Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.039


Zhu Xiaodong, Ding Ting

Corresponding Author

Zhu Xiaodong


Many celebrities in translation circles criticize Lu Xun’s hard Translation concept more than praise. It is really not flattering to evaluate Lu Xun’s translated works from a linguistic perspective alone. However, translation studies from the cultural turn forced the translation community to analyze the hard translation concept of Lu Xun, which had been criticized for a long time. This paper begins with the cultural context in the specific historical period of Lu Xun’s life, and expounds and probes into the changes and causes of Lu Xun’s view of translation from liberal translation to hard translation. On the basis of affirming Lu Xun’s hard translation, it further points out the important historical significance of Lu Xun’s hard translation to promote the transformation of Chinese traditional culture.


Lu Xun, Hard Translation, Cultural Turn, Chinese Traditional Culture, Exotic Culture