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Discussion on Project Teaching Mode Applied in Chemical Engineering Teaching of Secondary Technical Vocational School

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.156


Xueping Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xueping Zhou


For the past few years, China's education has realized the great substantial leap and secondary vocational education level has also been greatly improved. However, the secondary vocational education is challenged by expanding enrollment scale of all institutions and the changing demands for talents as required by society. In the context, the conventional teaching modes fail to catch up with the current teaching. As one teaching pattern which is highly practical, the project teaching method plays a giant role in transferring the theoretical knowledge of the students into practical ability. On this basis, the author makes the brief analysis on the practice teaching system of existing chemical engineering teaching. And the construction idea of project-based teaching mode in the chemical engineering teaching of Secondary Technical Vocational School is also proposed in the paper, in the hope of providing references and suggestions on the reform of secondary vocational teaching.


Project teaching, Secondary vocational chemical engineering, Construction.