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Research on Translation of English Pronouns

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.020


Yan Yao

Corresponding Author

Yan Yao


Pronouns in English are one of the most frequently used and most common words, including personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, possessive pronouns, and relative pronouns. There are also huge differences in the expressions of English and Chinese. In general, the frequency of pronouns in Chinese is lower than that of English. When translating, we must fully consider the grammatical structure and grammatical elements of different languages, the flexible translation strategy, reasonable translation of English pronouns, so that the reader's understanding of the original text is more thorough and in-depth, to the greatest extent to ensure the charm of the original. The paper mainly discusses the translation of English pronouns, focusing on the translation methods of personal pronouns.


English, Translation, Pronoun