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Fusion Analysis of Modern Dyeing and Weaving Pattern Design and Celadon Cultural Symbols

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.008


Kuang Lihong, Gao Tao

Corresponding Author

Kuang Lihong


With the development of China's socialist market economy, economic and trade exchanges have become increasingly global, and the fields of times, science and technology, design and culture have taken on a diversified pattern. Many famous designers seek to design more unique and novel designs by inspecting people's psychological needs, and create irreplaceable brands, thus occupying the core competitiveness of the market. In the traditional Chinese culture, porcelain is a kind of art with a long history, rich culture and great value. In the modern dyeing and weaving pattern design in our country, the blue-and-white porcelain cultural symbol is organically integrated, so that the majority of the audience have a new understanding of the traditional Chinese culture.


Dyeing and Weaving Pattern Design, Celadon Cultural Symbol, Fusion