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Discussion on the Forms of Vocal Music Art in the Perspective of Bel Canto

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacle.2018.006


Wei Zheng

Corresponding Author

Wei Zheng


Both vocal and aesthetics are old and young. From the beginning of the first sound of humanity 1 million years ago, the art of vocal music has gradually become more and more. The sound of human beings is an art in itself, but its theoretical road has been difficult and long. Aesthetics begins with the human being able to open the eyes and see the world. Its ancient age is the same as that of human beings. Until 3,000 years ago, "beauty" moved from the human eye to the depths of the brain, and the beauty became true. The beauty of the United States has also begun the process of "invisible" beauty. This paper looks at the art of vocal music from the perspective of aesthetics. This is the beauty of the human voice from the human eye. They are reunited in the depths of our brains, sparking sparks that excite each other.


Vocal Music Art, Perspective Bel Canto, Develop Forms